1. The best part about being in the lifestyle is that no two people do it the same. What works for one couple, might not even come close to what might float the boat of another.

    The main (but not ALL) components of the lifestyle include:

    1. Watchers and those who love to be watched

    2. Soft swappers (which means touching, kissing and oral sex but NO penetration)

    3. Unicorn hunters  (aka couples who are only looking for the elusive single woman)

    4. Full swappers Same Room (which means anything goes in the same room as their spouse)

    5. Full swappers Separate Rooms (which means anything goes but the swapping couples split up and have the sex away from the eyes of their spouse)

    6. Single Men

    7. Couples that only want single men

    8. BDSM lovers

    9. Nudists who just love the freedom the lifestyle allows

    10. A mixture of all or any of the 10

    There are no wrong or right ways to incorporate swinging into your lifestyle, which for some, is the major allure to participating in it. You can go at your own speed, make up your own rules and do what just feels right at a pace you are comfortable with.

    If you ARE contemplating whether the lifestyle is for you or not, there is only one rule (and that word is used in the loosest form possible) and that is COMMUNICATION.

    Talk to your partner. Explore your options with words and open lines of dialogue. Be graphic. Express your feelings. Talk it out. And then..and ONLY then…if you both agree you would be okay with anything and everything that occurs, follow your gut and see where it takes you.

    I promise, you won’t be disappointed.